The Chevy Silverado in New Rochelle is a perfect option if you’re shopping for a new truck. This truck is capable of hauling heavy loads and seamless transitions between work and leisure. Whether you’re shopping for a new Silverado you can customize or a used Chevy Silverado in New Rochelle, this truck will make your life easier, your driving experience better, and your commute more comfortable and convenient.


The Chevy Silverado in New Rochelle: The Perfect Everyday Truck

If you’re shopping for a Chevy Silverado, you’ve already made a good choice. When you buy a new Silverado, you can customize your truck and make it exactly how you want it, from the basics down to the very last detail. You can choose from eight exterior color options, including a popular metallic sheen or two, your favorite wheel option, interior features, trim level, and more.


You can choose which extras and features will meet your needs and make driving and any time spent in your Silverado more enjoyable. You’ll also have the option of the ZR2, LT Trail Boss, or Custom Trail Boss edition to make off-roading that much better, and you can add a power-activated tailgate or choose from one of the other convenient tailgate options to meet your needs based on the trim level you choose.

Take Your Truck to the Next Level With a Chevy Silverado HD in New Rochelle

The Silverado is a popular and efficient vehicle, but those who want even more power and capability will love the new Chevy Silverado HD in New Rochelle. This truck is the extra-strength version of the Silverado and features an Allison 10-speed automatic transmission, advanced technological and safety features, and a towing capacity of up to 16,000 pounds.


The Benefits of Shopping for a Used Chevy Silverado in New Rochelle

One of the benefits of buying a truck is that it holds its value, even when you purchase a quality pre-owned one. If you’re shopping for a pre-owned Silverado, you’ll benefit from a lower price tag and a large selection of options. 


Those extra features you may not have indulged in were you purchasing a new truck are often available in the preowned options for sale, so you’ll get a truck you love and some added features that will make driving that much better.

If you’re ready to trade in your vehicle for a new or quality pre-owned Silverado, we can help you find the perfect option. We can give you more details about this truck and our available specials to help you save money on your purchase. Visit us today at New Rochelle Chevrolet to explore our new and quality pre-owned Silverados and schedule a test drive, so you can experience the features and benefits of this impressive truck for yourself.