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The Importance of a Regular Chevy Oil Change in New Rochelle, NY

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When it comes to keeping your Chevy in optimum working order, no maintenance task is more important than regular oil changes. Motor oil is your engine’s lifeline, helping improve its performance, extend its longevity, and achieve peak fuel efficiency. For… Continue Reading →

Considering A Chevy EV? Here’s What You Need To

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What do I choose? A Chevy Bold EV in New Rochelle, or a Chevy Equinox EV in New Rochelle?    If you’re wondering how to pick between Chevrolet EV models, you’re not alone. This question echoes in the minds of… Continue Reading →

Why The Chevy Tahoe is Perfect for Families

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If you need a family car, the Chevy Tahoe in New Rochelle is a perfect choice. This full-size SUV has all the space for kids, gear, pets, luggage, and more and will get you everywhere you want to with convenience… Continue Reading →

Why Chevy EVs are the Best Bang for Your Buck in New Rochelle NY

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If you’re shopping for a new vehicle and want to make it an EV, you have several excellent options. Chevy electric cars, SUVs, and trucks are now available in all-electric options, including the Chevy Silverado EV, the Chevy Spark, and… Continue Reading →

Looking for the Perfect Everyday Truck? Meet the Chevy Silverado HD in New Rochelle

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The Chevy Silverado in New Rochelle is a perfect option if you’re shopping for a new truck. This truck is capable of hauling heavy loads and seamless transitions between work and leisure. Whether you’re shopping for a new Silverado you… Continue Reading →

Why Buy a Used Chevy from a Dealership?

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Purchasing a used vehicle is a big deal. You want to get a good deal, but you also want to make sure your new purchase is totally reliable. If you’re contemplating buying a pre owned Chevy, there are compelling reasons… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Used Chevy the Perfect Choice?

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Is it time to upgrade from your current ride? You have plenty of options to choose from when shopping for your next vehicle, but you need to consider a used Chevy in New Rochelle. Here are some of the things… Continue Reading →

Why Drivers Are Choosing Certified Pre Owned Chevy Dealers

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A certified pre owned Chevy offers buyers a unique balance between the benefits of a new vehicle and a used Chevy. Some of the advantages customers love include thorough inspections, scheduled Chevy service in New Rochelle, and warranty protection. 5… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Buy a Used Chevy: Your Questions Answered

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Before you type “Chevy dealership near me” into your internet search engine, it’s worth weighing up the benefits of a pre-loved Chevrolet model against a new one. With so many benefits to buying a used Chevy, here are some advantages… Continue Reading →

Introducing the 2023 Chevrolet Malibu

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At a time when many automakers produce similar cars, the new Malibu sets itself apart by delivering a winning combination of superb performance capabilities and near-flawless design. The new model combines intuitive safety and convenience tech, creative stylings, and robust… Continue Reading →

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