What do I choose? A Chevy Bold EV in New Rochelle, or a Chevy Equinox EV in New Rochelle? 


If you’re wondering how to pick between Chevrolet EV models, you’re not alone. This question echoes in the minds of hundreds of buyers as they work to determine how to get the most out of their Chevy EV purchase. 


Luckily, our experts have put together a guide that covers everything you need to know about Chevy EVs — straight from the mouths and minds of your experts at your local Chevy dealer near me. 


Chevrolet EVs Offer New Opportunities 

Chevrolet EVs come in a range of vehicle range options, allowing you to tailor your ride to your adventure and drive preferences. It’s never been easier to have it all at a price you’ll love. 


Here are a few perks you can expect when you invest in a Chevy electric vehicle (EV)

Chevrolet Ultium technology 

Ultium is a platform that is foundational to all Chevy EV models excluding the Bolt EV/EUV model, and works to support a more flexible body and range style across three primary drive systems: Rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive. 


Simple charging options 

Charging EVs can be a learning curve for those new to the model, and a headache for those coming from previous EV models. That’s why Chevrolet has taken such cars in organizing their charging systems and experiences; ensuring that drivers have the simplicity and infrastructure that they need to adventure freely. 


There are over 134,000 publicly available chargers in the U.S. and Canada that are compatible with Chevy EVs, most of which offer fast charging options for a charge in mere minutes. 


Chevrolet also has pledged to install and pay for a Level 2 charging home outlet for customers who opt to buy or lease a Bolt EUV or EV that’s either in the 2022 or 2023 model year. 


The whole package, really 

Chevy EVs come with a full suite of other comprehensive benefits to consider, such as HOV lane access and a promise of zero tailpipe emissions; empowering you to drive in confidence. Other benefits to ask about include: 


  • A complimentary first maintenance trip 
  • An 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranty 
  • 24/7 free roadside assistance 


Ready to get started? 

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