During a Chevy service appointment, your professionally trained Chevy technician will provide the highest level of care. Your Chevy oil change in New Rochelle will include a thorough inspection. We’ll provide you with a report identifying what’s in good repair, could use service soon, and items needing urgent attention. This important information at your Chevy service in New Rochelle will keep your vehicle safe and help maintain its value.

Why Regular Chevy Service Appointments Are So Important


A Chevy oil change in New Rochelle is accompanied by a four-tire rotation and multi-point vehicle inspection. Our certified technicians do this because they know just how vital these services are.

Tire rotation helps your vehicle maintain its grip on the road, keeping your Chevy driving safe. A thorough inspection ensures your vehicle’s safety measures are still in place. Our experts check tire wear, brake fluid levels, and the brake system to ensure the most crucial elements are performing their best.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Regular Chevy service in New Rochelle can help you avoid costly repairs, like major engine work. Appointments that include an oil change and oil filter change will help keep your engine running at peak performance. This keeps your engine from clogging and developing more serious problems. Additionally, thorough inspections can help catch small issues, like failing parts, before they break and cause major damage.

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

Vehicles retain their value better when they’re in excellent working condition. If you decide to sell your Chevy someday, you’ll sell it for more if you can provide a regular service history. This shows the car’s condition, and any repairs made over the years, and proves the vehicle was well-cared for. This can make the selling process a lot faster and easier as well.

This is also a reason so many people choose to have their service appointments and repairs done at their Chevy dealer. The technicians who work in our service center use high-quality auto parts. They repair the vehicle with a thorough knowledge of the manufacturer’s intentions. These high-quality repairs put a used car buyer’s mind at ease.

Our team of highly skilled technicians is here to help you keep your Chevy in top condition. Visit New Rochelle Chevrolet now to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art service center.